Saturday, 3 October 2015



Today I want to share with you the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in all my life! It is PHILBROOK MUSEUM OF ART in Tulsa (Oklahoma). Do you want to know about it?

This museum is placed in a beautiful and historic home gifted by the Phillips Family in 1938 and now it is one of the preeminent art museums across the central United States. Some different kinds of art can be seen at the museum as artists from the Renaissance and Baroque collections, the Native American art and the modern and contemporary collections. They are awesome!

The museum has three different floors:

-          The first floor/lower level: where everybody can go and take an art lesson, eat at the restaurant or visit the African Gallery with the special Santa Fe Room (about Native American Art).

-          The main level: staring with African Art and finishing with some Philbrook History and Architecture.

-          The upper level: where I saw two Special Exhibitions: LaFortune Mezzaine Gallery, which was about a family of artist from America, and the Spotlight Gallery, full of European Art. By the end of the upper level we can find American and Contemporary Art.

But this is not a simple museum… as it was a very important house in the past; it has wonderful gardens in the outside part of the galleries. You can walk around them, take pictures, and they are also part of the museum since you can find different spaces on them, like “the water garden”, “the rock garden”… I swear this is the best place I’ve ever been!





I hope you enjoy all my pictures, but I also invite you to follow these links so you can discover more things about this incredible place. HAVE FUN!


  1. THE CLASS OF 6ºC AND YOLANDA6 October 2015 at 01:06

    We liked very much the photos. We saw all of the coments and photos.

  2. the picture of the lake I love .Also I like other photos and comments very much, but the lake is the one that mas I like

    1. Thank you Ines. I'm so happy about this picture. You know why? Because if you write Philbrook Museum on google this is the first oicture you will see, now I have it on my camera!!!!!

  3. Hello Soraya, we are Alberto and Paula, we are writting for 6ºB. We like your photos and the garden is very beautifull.