Friday, 2 October 2015

Let's discover Tulsa!


I hope you're enjoying your first weeks at school... Here, school started August 15th so, believe me, you're so lucky!

How can I start...? I'm living and working in Tulsa (Oklahoma).
It is quite in the middle of the United States and it is like a country state, everybody wearing country boots, dancing country songs, enjoying rodeos... I arrived here on August 5th and since then I have visit just some places of Tulsa, because it is so difficult to go from one place to another. Here everything is so far from everything. And no way to go places by walking! It can take you 3 hours to walk 2 km...

I want you to discover Tulsa with me, so here you have some of the pictures I have taken during this 2 months... Tulsa is really well known for their "Biggest Praying Hands" and the "Golden Man", which appear in the pictures. In addition, the famous 66 route goes through this city. Tulsa has the "Big Blue Whale" in its part of the route, so now I can say I have been in the 66 Route with a huge whale!!!

This are other of the interns from Spain. We are participating in a program called Amity with anoter 3 french people. Everybody here is so kind with us, 'cause they know how important is our job here: carry our Spanish and French culture and share it with the kids at school.


Well, I think this is enough for my first day at the blog! But don't worry! I'll b back soon with really interesting and wonderful things from Tulsa and from my school!


  1. Alex and Alberto 6ºb5 October 2015 at 01:05

    Hello Soraya ¡¡¡¡ We are amaced with Tulsa ,it is a awesome city¡¡¡¡¡¡
    What is the blue whale ??????

  2. Javi and Ana of 5ºB5 October 2015 at 03:07

    Hello Soraya, are fun pictures ol the class same did question that Alex and Alberto of 6ºb,WHERES THE BLUE WHALE????

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  4. Route 66 goes through different states in the EEUU. One of these states is Oklahoma, specifically Tulsa. Each city built or has something special to honor the route: in Tulsa we have the whale, in Amarillo (Texas) they have Cadillac in the ground...

    This whale is like a bridge which allows you to go to the middle of a lake, and, as you can see in the picture, it is a huge whale!

    But don't worry! If you are interested in the route and the different things they have I will post you some information about it soon!

    Thanks for comment on the post! I really miss you guys!