Saturday, 24 October 2015

Guess who came to EEUU!!

 Hey, how are you doing?
Last week (exactly from October 14th to October 19th) we had, and really enjoy, our Fall Break time at school.

We have this break because in the United States they have four periods of school instead of three (as in Spain).

And.....Do you know who I spent this break with? BERTA AND ANDREA! I guess some of you know them. Berta is in 6th Grade with Julio and Andrea (her sister) who left school three years ago. Well, I don't know if you knew that but they are my cousins. They came visiting with my aunt and uncle ad we went to Texas.

As you can see in this picture, Texas is south of Oklahoma and it is land of cowboys and cowgirls, of rodeos,...

We started our trip on Wednesday and drove 5 hours from Tulsa to Dallas (which means 260 milles or 418 Km.). We arrived so late, so our trip really started on Thursday.

Dallas is a great place to visit and is has so much history on its roads.

What do you know about J.F. Kennedy? He was the President of EEUU some years ago and he was murdered in Elm Street (Dallas). He was visiting Dallas and while driving on this Street someone shot him. There are so many theories about that day cause, during some years, the pólice didn't know if they had the correct men or not.

In this pictures you can see the exact point when J.F. Kennedy was murdered, the things they have biult in his honor, a newspaper about his death and... the window where the killer was ready to shoot.

Being in Dallas, we climb to a Tower (well...we really used the elevator). We saw all Dallas from this tower and it was AMAZING! After that, we went to a lake cause we were all really tired after walikg around Dallas. Here you have some pictures:


After Dallas, we drove to Fort Worth a great great great rodeo place. It was Friday morning when we arrived there. This village is the best option for cowboys since you can see horses and cows in their "houses", you can visit different museums, enjoy rodeos, take pictures riding cows,... Also, Downtown in this place is incredible, with a huge source and good views:


After Fort Worth and its incredibles views, we drove to Wichita Falls (also in Dallas) to see the Water Falls. People say that the are the second largest Water Fall in the United States. We arrive quite late so we had to see them in the dark. No problema. They were beautiful!

It was Saturdy when we arrived to Amarillo, our last stop before coming back "home". Amarillo is mainly know because of the Cadillacs buried in honor to Route 66. But being there, we also discover an RV museum (caavan museum), the Helium Monument, and the Canyon (the second largest in the world!):



Our way to Tulsa started on Sunday, and we drove on Route 66 from Amarillo tu Tulsa, discovering different villages, monuments, museums,... But this... i'll show you on a different post. I hope you enjoy the pictures of our trip and the discovering of Texas.
"See you" on the next post!



  1. It must be pretty nice visit that site and I would like to go.

  2. Can you invite my Soraya,please?

  3. I´m from 6B

  4. Hello I´am Sara from 6ºB i think that Berta an Andrea have very lucky. I want to go with you Soraya ;)

  5. Hello I´am Tania from 6b.Berta and Andrea are very pretty in the potos. Have a nice year SORAYA

  6. Guys, you are all invited! You just need to pay like.....1000$ to get a flight! jajaja

    It was so good having my family here, I was really missing them! I hope you like the pictures!