Friday, 4 May 2018



In Year 6 we enjoy learning Science. As an example of that some six Year 6 students are representing our School in "Scratch Day" in Valladolid College. There, they will share their projects on Robotics together with same age students and they will take part in a workshop based on solving Challenges. They have been working extremely hard at home, in ICT lessons and during breaks that we are very excited to see how they perform. We want to shout out loud!!


Scratch Day

Science is very present in our daily learning too, last week in Year 6  we transformed our class into a lab. Our session focused on using demonstrations and practical activities  on MATTER and ENERGY and how we can separate substances from mixtures. We believe it increases motivation towards Science areas and show them how easy it is to do simple and fun Science activities with daily use materials. 

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