Thursday, 17 March 2016


The third and fourth grade students have been working hard again this month to continue with our Etwinning
European Calendar.  This month in March, the students created a March Dictionary.  They chose words relating to the weather, holidays, animals, plants, food, and activities that we can do, see, and find in March!

Have a look!

Look at how we celebrate different Holidays at our school!
Semana Santa or Holy Week
We learned about the celebrations in Religion Class

Easter Doors!
Easter Doors!
We also decorated Easter Eggs 

St. Patrick's Day
We played music and games!
Making the Dictionary 

Here is a recording of our Dictionary! Maybe you will learn some new words!! 
Letters A-C

Letters D-F

Letters G-M

Letters O-P

Letters R-S

Letters T-W

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