Saturday, 5 December 2015

My first Thanksgving Day!

Hello again!

Today I'm posting about my first Thanksgiving Day in the United States! I didn't stay at home with my American family but ... I discovered a great place...

 For those who may not know where is it, here you have a map!  New Orleans is situated in the south of the United States in the state of Louisiana.
For getting there, I had to drive 14 hour (from Tulsa) driving through Oklahoma, Arkansas (which is writen with an -s t the end but you don't pronounce it: Arkansa), Tennesse, Mississipi and, finally, Louisiana. And I'm gonna tell you: it is a really long roadtrip but it is absolutely worth it!
Okay, now that you know where New Orleans is (which means we have talked about geography) let's go to its history! I'm not giving you a whole lesson of history about New Orleans (don't worry!) but ust for you to know...
La Nouvelle-Orléans (New Orleans) was founded French Mississippi Company owned but the Regent of the Kingdom of France at the time. Some years later, New Orleans was given to the Spanish Empire and our country made really good things there. Later in time, New Orleans was given back to the french and they sold it to the United States. But that's not all! New Orleans has great influences from all around the world, cause during some time lots of immigrants came here hoping a new great life.
Why am I telling you all these? Cause during my trip, I discovered so many places with Spanish names and spanish history. Cause mainly all the streets have French names. And because walking in New Orleans, you can discover different people from everywhere!


Houses in New Orleans are... CRAZY! Nothing to do with other American houses, nothing to do with Spanish houses and only quite similar to the French ones. They are so beautiful from the outside with colorful walls, flowers, little doors.. Then in the inside... OMG! They are really narrow and the bedrooms and everything are organized in a kind of line?

The house where I slept had (all this in a line) the living room, a bedroom, an office, another bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen! What does that mean? That going to the kitchen implies crossing all these places. I don´t have pictures from the inside, but have a look at some of the houses we found:



One of the most important (or at least) famous places in New Orleans is the French Quarter. It is absolutely INCREDIBLE! By walkin through it you can find Jackson Square, the Holocoust Monument, the Spanish Plaza, Amtrong Park, Bourbon Street, an sculpture of Juana de Arco... And, something that make me feel really in Spain, people playing music in the Street. It was so cool! But, again, pictures will show it better tan words so...

People in a Break Dance Spectacle

Spanish Plaza

Holcaust memorial

Holocaust Memorial

Jackson Square from the seawalk

Jackson Square

Blues Spectacle
Amstrong Park

Juana de Arco
Jackson Square at night

Bourbon Street

Something sad about New Orleans? Some of you were so little  when that hapened but in 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and destroyed it. This is a little sculpture honoring all the victims:


I hope you can kind of picture in your minds how New Orleans is because it's quite hard to explain. It was amazing and absolutely what we thought it was going to be.


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