Monday, 4 February 2013


Some can fly, some can sting, some can sing, some can crawl, and they all have got very funny names!
Presenting the famous insects in class 3B!
Can you find them?
1. This insect has got a T-shirt and a flute.
2. This insect is red with black spots.
3. This insect has got two red wings and two blue wings.
4. This insect lives in the water.
5. There is a name on this insect's body.
6. This insect has got brown hair.
7. This insect looks like a spider.
8. These 4 insects have got black and yellow stripes.
9. This insect has got glasses.
10. This insect has got a big, red eye.
11. This insect is green.
12. These four insects look like butterflies.
13. This insect has got grey and blue stripes.
14. This is the last insect of all.


  1. Replies
    1. Which one do you like, Lidia? Or do you like all of them?
      Have fun!

  2. The insects are very funny

    1. Yes, they are very funny! I'm happy they are not real though, I don't want to find these insects in my garden!
      See you tomorrow.