Friday, 9 November 2012

El Villar School celebrates Halloween

Most of the students of El Villar school have done wonderful crafts which everybody can see in the school's hall. 
The school has been visited by ghosts, monsters, witches, bats and terrific pumpkins. If you click on "Read more" you will be able to see the photos.
The teachers of English and all the teachers in the school want to thank all of the children and the parents who have worked very hard in order to celebrate Halloween in a perfect way. Thank you!!



  1. The works are very nice . In the night , the school have a lot of ghosts because the children of fifth level are making ghosts in arts an crafts time

    1. Wow, I'm scared to go to this school full of terrible witches, ghosts, bats, monsters and Jack o' lanterns everywhere!
      Wonderful job, everyone, congratulations!