Sunday, 9 September 2012


In Australia, it wasn't summer, it was winter in July and August. And when you were in bed at night, it was daytime for me. It's the other side of the world, so everything is upside down!
Here are some of the things I saw and I did there:

I listened to the beautiful Australian birds singing, and photographed many of them. There were hundreds of birds everywhere.

Alan with a parrot hat.
Alan cooking.

I visited Alan and his family in Toowoomba. We had a great time together!

This is Alan's daughter, Alan's cat and Alan's house.

by the Sydney Opera House in the bay,
I went to and I walked...
in the rainforests,
on the beaches,
in the mangroves,
in the mountains,
by the waterfalls,
by the sea,
and under the skyscrapers...

I listened to aboriginal music and watched aboriginal dances and art.
Aboriginal girls dancing.
Man with skulls doing an aboriginal dance.
Aboriginal art.
I saw a lot of strange and very interesting animals and plants.
Tree kangaroos

Courtain fig tree
Sea turtle



You can see I had a great time!
Where did you go this summer? What did you do? What did you see? 
You can write it in the blog!

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